Skyscrapers in the Philippines with growing opportunity for foreign investment

International Banking

A global banking approach for global businesses in the Philippines.

Running a business across borders is challenging in an ever-changing and dynamic global environment. The right banking partner should enhance your company’s ability to navigate complexity in the markets you operate and make transacting easier.

HSBC international banks in the Philippines have the ability to provide clients with consistent experience globally by incorporating knowledge from across 50+ markets worldwide into solutions which are tailored to the unique needs of your global business.

Our global expertise and service is delivered through our Global Relationship Manager and International Banking proposition.

Our Coverage

We revolve our coverage around your corporate structure starting with your Global Relationship Manager who is the single point of contact overseeing the partnership between our organizations.

  • Your Global Relationship Manager will work closely with your corporate headquarters to understand your company’s unique needs and orchestrate the solutions fit for your business in collaboration with our International Banking Relationship Managers across the world.
  • The International Banking Relationship Manager acts as an extension of the relationship the Global Relationship Manager has with our client’s headquarters to provide our services in the market of your subsidiary, and in some cases across an entire region. These International Banking RMs are solely dedicated to managing multinational companies and are experts in connecting our international companies to opportunities in the Philippines by applying an international mind-set with local knowledge.

HSBC as International Bank in the Philippines

  • HSBC entered into the Philippines in 1875, just 10 years after HSBC was formed. Our rich history and expertise in the country, full suite of banking products and connectivity across markets, makes HSBC the global banking choice in the Philippines to support your business.
  • Our universal banking model is one of the best among other international banks in the Philippines, and we can create efficiencies for our corporate customers through access to both corporate banking services for the organization coupled with personal banking solutions for your employees, all under one provider.
  • We are very focused on developing international banking solutions which fit our customers’ needs through a full suite of products across cash management, trade, foreign exchange and loans amongst others.
  • As a key market in ASEAN, HSBC is well positioned to deliver a holistic solution across the six ASEAN markets we operate.

Hear from our Country Head of International Banking for the Philippines:


Skyscrapers in the Philippines with growing opportunity for foreign investment

The Philippines: a growing opportunity for foreign investment

The Philippines has long been known as an outsourcing destination, particularly for companies in the US. But the Southeast Asian country is fast proving that it’s much more than that. As one of the fastest growing economies in the region, the Philippines has a tremendous amount of opportunity to tap into.

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