Terms and Conditions for Corporate Banking

HSBC Philippines (HSBC)

General Terms & Conditions

The following items are collectively known as the General Terms and Conditions and govern your account(s) held with us:

  1. The Master Services Agreement (including the Confidentiality and Regulatory Annex) applies to all our corporate customers throughout the world.
  2. The Philippine Country Conditions supplements and modifies the Master Services Agreement for your accounts in the Philippines only. Even if you already have an account with HSBC elsewhere, you need to read these Conditions when you open an account with HSBC in the Philippines.
  3. If you have requested for HSBCnet, the E-Channels Security Measures is applicable to your HSBCnet profile in any country or territory.

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These General Terms and Conditions shall become effective on the date(s) below:

  • 01 November 2020 for all our new HSBC customers
  • 01 January 2021 for our existing HSBC customers as at 31 October 2020 (“Existing Customers”)

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