Cash Flow Forecasting Tool

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Managing your liquidity risk is imperative, in today and tomorrow’s world. HSBC’s Cash Flow Forecasting Tool can improve your ability to accurately forecast your global liquidity positions.

What is Cash Flow Forecasting (CFF)?

CFF forecasts all cash movements that impact your day-to-day and future cash positions based on information captured from your organisation’s Liquidity structures, bank accounts and transaction-level data. Through CFF, your enterprise resource planning (ERP) data with HSBCnet for a full overview of your cash positions.

Cash Flow KPI Dashboard screenshot

Cash Flow KPI Dashboard screenshot

Forecast Model and Template

Forecast Model and Template

CFF allows you to:

  • Increase the accuracy, consistency and quality of your cash forecasting
  • Achieve better risk management practices such as meeting payment obligations in a cost-effective manner and having visibility over future foreign currency flows
  • Gain process efficiencies, reduced costs, and strengthened balance sheets by improving receivables and payables practices


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