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A faster and simpler way to access your working capital digitally.

HSBC Supply Chain Finance (HSCF) is a web-based information and transaction portal, which allows buyers to submit approved invoices and/or credit notes electronically to help manage their payables, as well as offer early payment options to their key supplies.

Upon shipment of goods and commercial documents (invoices) from suppliers, buyers can easily upload the invoice file to HSCF or electronically send the file to HSBC via H2H, then approve those invoices in the system. Supplier receives early payment via direct credit to their respective bank accounts and early payment advice is received by the supplier as well.

Buyers can benefit by:

  • Optimising payment terms (agreed with sellers)
  • Gaining more control over cash flows
  • Injecting liquidity into the procurement portion of the supply chain process
  • Retaining control over the supper relationship

And by using HSCF, buyers

  • Upload unlimited number of invoices per transaction
  • Accurately forecast future cash flows through comprehensive in-house reports

Suppliers can benefit by:

  • Unlocking cash from receivables shortly after buyer’s approval of invoices and reduce days sales outstanding
  • Reducing financing costs by gaining access to competitive funding, where rates are based on the buyer’s credit relationship with HSBC
  • Gaining additional source of working capital without leveraging existing or additional bank lines
  • Receiving early payment on supplier invoices on a non-recourse and off-balance sheet basis
  • Enjoying simplified enrollment process for automated early payment with minimal documentation required
  • Strengthening Buyer relationship and benefiting from special offering for buyer’s strategic suppliers
  • Enhancing risk management and saving on insurance costs


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