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Transform your business processes by integrating real-time information on accounts, balances and transactions.

Account Information APIs

HSBC’s Account Information APIs enable you to get real-time account information. This allows you to make more informed and timely decisions on cash management positions, and achieve greater automation of your reconciliation and account management processes.

Key features

  • Real-time information
  • Industry standard format
  • Available globally
  • Can be integrated with existing systems
  • Enables increased automation

Balance Enquiry API

The Account Balance API provides customers real-time access to their Corporate Current and Term-deposit account balances in an industry-standard ISO 20022 format.

  • On-demand Balance Information 24/7 across your global account structure.
  • Can be integrated with existing Treasury and Enterprise systems.
  • Streamline master account funding and liquidity processes by gaining visibility of subsidiary accounts on demand.
  • Consolidate multi-bank account reporting from 3rd party accounts by integrating with HSBCnet.

Transaction Enquiry API

The Account Transaction API enables customers to retrieve transaction entries booked to their accounts within a given date or time-range in an industry standard ISO 20022 format.

  • On-demand Transaction Information 24/7 across your global account structure.
  • Automate transaction monitoring within your existing business systems.
  • Resolve errors faster by validating transactions in real-time, reducing operational delays.
  • Enable more informed and timely decisions on cash management positions through real-time information.

Find out more about how our APIs can help you today at our API Developer Portal.


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