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Simpler, safer, and better connected with HSBCnet to access your global accounts via one streamlined platform, wherever and whenever you need it.

Everyday transactions should be quick and smooth. But keeping up with changes in technology, regulation and the economic environment can be demanding. That's why we've developed powerful, intuitive online tools to not only make your day-to-day transactions fast and easy, they help you manage even your most complex banking needs. Anytime you need assistance, HSBCnet is available 24/7 to support you.

Because the more you can see where the opportunities lie, the more your business can thrive.


Explore the transformative power of HSBCnet today.

Global Access via one streamlined platform

HSBCnet gives you a clear picture of all your global banking in one place, whenever and wherever you want it.
It gives you straightforward access to your critical business functions in one consolidated platform – from comprehensive cash management, to trade and supply chain tools, securities services and global markets solutions.

Benefits of HSBCnet

24/7 Support HSBCnet benefit, 24/7 support, icon

Round the clock, wherever you are, HSBCnet keeps you fully supported with a range of innovative online help and assistance options that are designed to make your life simpler and resolve problems faster.

Chat with us online if you have a query, ask your own questions, explore features and browse frequently asked questions

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Simpler, faster, smarter HSBCnet benefit, simple, faster and smarter, icon

When it comes to reporting, HSBCnet puts you in control of your cash flow. Access real-time information on your accounts from anywhere in the world, at any time – HSBCnet tracks your day-to-day activity and delivers updates. You can review real-time and intra-day account transactions as well as balance and statement details for all the global accounts in your HSBCnet portfolio, including both HSBC and select third party accounts.

Reconsolidating accounts and making informed forecasts is made easier by the wide range of standard HSBCnet reports. Create customised reports to get the specific data you need, exactly when you want it. You can even schedule regular deliveries, straight into your inbox.

Seamless ConnectivityHSBCnet benefit, simple, faster and smarter, icon

Take advantage of flexible connectivity options and high levels of integration with your ERP systems.

Combine all your payments into one consolidated file for multiple currencies or countries.

We support a range of formats to ensure smooth and cost-effective integration.

Set up your favourite accounts and schedule reports that you can download in a variety of formats for convenient reconciliation.

Protect your business against cybercrime HSBCnet benefit, security, icon

Your internet banking safety is paramount, so we’ve designed HSBCnet with the latest security technology, including access controls, infrastructure safeguards and regular process reviews. We’ve also developed a multi-level approach to user authentication, which is a significant improvement on traditional password based security.

Designed for you HSBCnet benefit, designed for you, icon

HSBCnet is flexible and customisable. By giving you access to HSBC’s global banking solutions, you are able to:

  • Choose the specific tools and functionality for your business and market
  • Stay up to date with real-time market information, activity alerts and notifications
  • Set up your own customised, scheduled reports to deliver the information you need straight to your inbox
  • Control your team’s access to data and payment capabilities
  • You can establish up to three levels of payment authorisation, depending on your company’s needs, giving you added protection against errors and internal fraud
  • You can also assign limits to specific users and extend your business day by assigning authorisers that work in different time zones.


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