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Investing in ASEAN 2022 | 2023

With its young population, abundant natural resources, and fast developing digital infrastructure, Southeast Asia is set to become one of the world's largest single market by 2030. The 10th edition of "Investing in ASEAN" looks at the exciting economic prospects and opportunities for businesses to expand in the region.

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Connecting EU and UK Businesses to Growth Opportunities in ASEAN

As businesses look to expand trade and investment in Southeast Asia, industry and government leaders from Europe and ASEAN discussed the latest trends, trading environment and investment opportunities for businesses to leverage and thrive in the ASEAN region.

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Investing in ASEAN 2021 | 2022

ASEAN’s strength comes from its diversity and this creates vast and varied business opportunities. Strategically located in Asia, ASEAN is well positioned to serve as the hub for regional and global multinational companies. As a community, ASEAN Member States are working together to create an environment for businesses to thrive, and the ongoing focus on free trade agreements (FTAs) enhance the region’s competitive advantage as a premier destination for trade and investment from companies around the world.

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Record year for ASEAN Green, Social, Sustainability Debt Issuance: Report

Climate Bonds Initiative, supported by HSBC, launched the ASEAN Sustainable Finance State of the Market 2020 report. The report outlines regional and national developments covering three overarching debt themes based on the projects, assets and activities financed: Green, Social, and Sustainability (GSS). The report also highlights key policy developments that are anticipated to drive ASEAN’s sustainable finance market.

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Start of a New Era

As we look to a new era of business and trade we sit down with HSBC experts to get their views and outlook for business in Asia Pacific, including how they are rebuilding to adapt to the new normal and what the recent signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) means for businesses across the region.


  • Frederic Neumann, Co-Head of Asian Economics, Global Research, HSBC
  • Stuart Tait, Regional Head of Commercial Banking, Asia-Pacific, HSBC
  • Tony Cripps, Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Singapore

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Welcome to the Philippines

HSBC and the Philippines have enjoyed a mutually rewarding partnership since 1875 – just a decade after the bank was established in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Our continuing presence and investment in the Philippines is rooted in our shared history.

The entry to ASEAN 2021

The Philippines has been one of the Asia’s rising stars due to its robust macroeconomic expansion in recent years. Download the brochure to find out more about the investment and business opportunities in the Philippines.

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