ASEAN’s International Bank

ASEAN’s International Bank

ASEAN is a huge opportunity for ambitious businesses, but we also know that with such opportunities come equally varied challenges. With our broad and deep international networks, we can connect you to experienced on-the-ground experts, solutions and more to help you take uncertainty out of expansion.

From its growing consumer base to the rapid rate of digital transformation, expanding your business across ASEAN offers exciting opportunities. You need a partner with an extensive network to help you scale with the full suite of tailored services including access to capital, easy cross-border transactions, advisory services, and more.

Hear from HSBC Philippines’ President and CEO Sandeep Uppal and Head of Wholesale Banking Mimi Concha on the opportunity dawns for foreign investors in the Philippines. 

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We make achieving your ASEAN business growth strategies easier with:

Innovative Trade Products

Across ASEAN, we offer customised and innovative structured trade finance solutions, including supply chain finance, receivables finance, export finance, tailored to help businesses effectively manage and mitigate risks, improve cash flow and optimise their trade operations.

Simple Payment Solutions

Simplify your collections with HSBC Omni Collect, a one-stop solution for your in-store and eCommerce needs. Improve customer experience by enabling multiple payment modes, and monitor transactions online to identify new sales trends.

Access to Capital with our ASEAN Growth Fund

Tap into the US$1 billion ASEAN Growth Fund, designed for businesses scaling up in the region, offering accessible and strategic debt financing. For more information on criteria’s, please reach out to your HSBC RM or contact us in the form below.

More than 135 Years of Regional Expertise

Harness HSBC’s extensive regional experience. Benefit from local insights, dedicated support, and comprehensive market research for a competitive advantage in ASEAN markets.

Corporate Account Opening across ASEAN

Enjoy hassle free expansion and open up to six ASEAN accounts together with our centrally coordinated team.

Don’t just take our word for it, we’re award-winning

Recently, we’ve received recognition from leading publications in the financial industry which speaks to our track record as a global bank and the success of our strategy.

  • Euromoney Trade Finance Survey 2024: Market Leader for Trade Finance in the Philippines (6th consecutive year)
  • Euromoney Cash Management Survey 2023: Market Leader for Non-Financial Institutions in the Philippines
  • FinanceAsia Country Awards 2023: Best International Bank in the Philippines
  • Corporate Treasurer Awards 2022: Best Cash Management Bank and Best Trade Finance Bank in Philippines

Why the Philippines?

HSBC has been in the Philippines for nearly 150 years. We are the market leader in a range of services including trade financing and domestic cash management.

  • Year of establishment: 1875
  • Presence: 6 branches and a Global Service Centre
  • Regional Relationship Managers support regional decision makers with a significant multi-market footprint.

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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), established in 1967, promotes regional cooperation and integration. It drives economic growth and stability in Southeast Asia, with a combined GDP of over US$3 trillion. ASEAN consists of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, forming a vibrant market for economic development.

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