HSBC Navigator: Philippines in Focus

Navigator is a hub of information, insights and expertise from futurists, experts and business owners around the globe. Our latest report captures the sentiment of more than 1,500 companies from six of the world’s largest economies that are either doing business in Southeast Asia (SEA) or planning to do so. It gives you the inside track to their expectations and strategies, helping you identify fresh opportunities for growth.

Growing interest and expectations in SEA

Emerging from the global pandemic, the economies of SEA are primed for growth. All of the 1,500 companies that participated in our survey have operations in SEA - this demonstrates the high confidence and surging ambitions of international businesses. They also have strong expectations of continued growth in SEA.


plan to expand into new markets within SEA over the next 2 years


plan to increase organic growth in the region over the same period


believe that their organic growth in the region will increase by 20% or more over the next 12 months.

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