COVID-19: Customer support and our action plan

The ongoing global outbreak of COVID-19 (or Novel Coronavirus) has changed the way we live, work and do business. At HSBC, we understand that these are challenging times for your business. Therefore, we are committed to helping you and your business in this difficult and uncertain time with extensive support and banking assistance, even as you work remotely.

Trade relief measure

To support your continued flow of commercial trade in Philippines, we have also enacted a number of measures including the following:

  • We will continue to provide you with strong support for your payment and collection requirements, to reduce disruption to your cash flow and supply chain. We will help you shift from cheques to electronic payments, using our digital channel HSBCnet, so you can pay your suppliers and employees during these challenging times.
  • For undisrupted supply chain transactions, our Trade team will work with you to identify financing solutions to help secure your cash flows, and help you execute these through the use of HSBC Supply Chain Financing (HSCF) tool. This is an automated channel that is secured, straight-through and process efficient, offered through HSBC’s web-based platform.

How we can further help

We are actively evaluating further initiatives to support you and the application of relief measures will be assessed and approved on a case-by-case basis. Relationship managers are available to discuss and assess the situations that you may be facing.

Need help?

Get in touch to learn more about our banking solutions and how we can help you drive your business forward.