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Transaction Banking

At HSBC Philippines, we believe that real innovation comes from a blend of human collaboration and new technologies, underpinned by trusted relationships. We are transforming with you by co-creating innovative products, services, and ideas to build a smarter business together. With an array of innovative tools which aims to simplify your business transaction banking operations, HSBC can empower your organisations digital transformation journey.

Visualise transaction banking

Make better informed decisions with a detailed view of your account balances and transactions throughout the cost cycle, in real time.

HSBCnet Track Payments

Real-time view on the status of your digital business payments made via HSBCnet.

Trade Transaction Tracker

Accessing your trade transactions anytime, anywhere.

HSBC Supply Chain Finance Platform

A web-based interface that ensures buyers’ efficient, swift, convenient, and secure digital payments to their suppliers.

Move money

Make and receive payments quickly and easily to where it is needed most, with clear currency exchange rates.


An online banking platform with an array of innovative tools.

Managing Foreign Exchange

Gain more control of your foreign exchange payments.

HSBC Evolve

Take control of your FX exposure and risk management with our e-FX platform.

*HSBC Evolve is offered to accredited investors only.

Seamlessly connect

Connect with your ecosystem or network of suppliers, buyers, customers, and other 3rd parties across the region. Integrate digital payments solutions into business processes in order to provide a better experience to customers..

HSBCnet for Trade

Manage your trade finance portfolio with our comprehensive range of trade finance features.

HSBCnet Mobile

Gain access to HSBCnet from your smartphone any time, any place.

HSBC Treasury APIs

Transform your business processes by integrating real-time information on accounts, balances and transactions.

Access and optimise working capital

Access to funds when you need it. To help mitigate risk and uncertainties, capture opportunities or invest to grow - all through a single platform.

Liquidity Management Portal

Offering you a consolidated view of your global cash positions and help you self-manage your liquidity.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Make better informed decisions with a detailed view of your account balances and transactions throughout the cost cycle, in real time.

HSBC Connect

Get fast, secure and efficient cash management processes with direct host-to-host connectivity.

two female executives discussing hsbc cash management

Cash management in Asia: The key trends to empower treasury

By understanding the key economic, financial, and technological developments in Asia, corporate treasurers can understand and reposition their roles to benefit the overall performance of the company.

woman discussing hsbc innovative payment solutions to her colleagues

Keeping pace with Asia's payments journey

Companies are demanding smoother, faster and more cost-efficient ways to make payments, both domestically and across borders. In response, banks, fintechs and regulators must work together to deliver simple, digitally-led solutions, according to speakers in the HSBC Smarter Business Series, in partnership with CorporateTreasurer.

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Optimising cash allocation and FX decisions at Unilever using real-time data

We recently worked with Unilever to automate and optimise their Foreign Exchange (FX) process using HSBC APIs and they can now better allocate resources across its 290+ accounts across Asia and Europe.

mobile wallets for digital payments

Open for Business: Southeast Asia’s Digital Payments Revolution

As the world’s fastest-growing region for mobile wallets, Southeast Asia is experiencing a new wave of digitisation with emerging opportunities in the digital financial landscape.

two female executives discussing hsbc liquidity management dashboard

Digitally optimised cash management

Against the backdrop of rising interest rates and inflation, a treasury that fully uses technology can realise the benefits of real-time access to data and automation for better forecasting.

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Digital business payments - faster, more transparent, and at scale

Digital payments are becoming more sophisticated, with smarter functionality that allows treasurers to process domestic and international transfers faster and at scale.

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